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DIY Macrame Plant Hangers To Craft In Your Spare Time

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DIY Macrame Plant Hangers To Craft In Your Spare Time

In case you’re not familiar with the term, macrame defines the art of knotting cord or string in patterns in order to create decorative articles. One particularly useful way in which this technique can be used is for making planters or hangers. Whether you make the hanger yourself or buy it, it’s a great way to showcase your plants anywhere you want.

If you want to make such a planter yourself, the project is fairly simple. You need wooden beads, paracord and scissors. Fold 4 strands of cord in half, make a loop and tie a knot. Then divide the cords into 4 groups of 2. string 4 beads on each set of 2 cords. Leave a space of around 27” between the first knot and the second set of knots below the beads. Take the left cord from each set and tie it with a knot to the right string of the set of its left. Repeat a few time and then combine all cords in a knot.{found on deucecitieshenhouse}.

If you want, add a bit of color to your planter as well. You need cotton rope, embroidery floss in various colors and a metal ring, pulley or closed hook. Fold 4 lengths of rope in half, thread through the ring and wrap the floss tightly around it. Tie 2 lengths of rope at a time making sure the knots are even. Repeat a few times, then gather all the rope and wrap colored floss tightly around it.{found on hellotherehome}.

Using this technique, you can make plant hangers of any shape, size or color. You can make custom hangers for mason jars, bottles or cans, depending on what you wish to use as a planter. These ones are pretty small so fine knitting cotton was used to make them.{found on mylittlesunshinehouse}.

Similarly, you can make a hanger for your vase so you can display it on a wall. For this particular project you only need to learn the Josephine knot. You’ll need 4 lengths of cord, some cord in a contrasting color and elastic band. Start with a gathering knot using the contrasting cord. Tie a Josephine knot using the front four pieces of cord. Repeat for the back cords. Leave a gap and tie two more Josephine knots. Tie another gathering knot at the bottom.{found on minieco}.

This project starts similarly but features a few extra knots. The half knot twists are an interesting detail. The basket is made using the Josephine knot. The basket base features square knots. They are joined together with a gathering knot.{found on theredthreadblog}.

These mini succulent egg decorations are really great for Easter. To make them, you need egg shells, acrylic craft paint, a paint brush, jute twine and scissors. Start with a hanging loop which is created by tying a series of the same knot. Then make the basket for the egg by dividing the twine in sets of two and tying simple knots. Knot the base.{found on tutsplus}.

You can pretty much use any type of rope, twine or cord for this type of project. Depending on your preferences, it can be a two-color type of cord which would look interesting if you want the planter to stand out in a different way.{found on speculaasblog}.

Also, feel free to add any sort of decorative details to your macrame planter. You can cut cork decorations or use wooden beads, glass beads and any other items you want. Instead of twine or cotton you can use thin leather straps or other type of cord.{found on monsterscircus}.

Another really interesting idea is to make a planter out of an old T-shirt. Cut it into thin strips. You need eight pieces which you tie in a big knot. Gather two strips at a time and tie them in a knot 2” above the base knot. Repeat until you have 4 knots. Split apart the strips and make four new knots. Tie the fabric around itself for the remaining strips and make a knot at the top.{found on shopwalkinlove}.

Now use all the ideas you’ve learned up until now and make hanging planters for all your succulents or herbs. Make a hanging garden. You can even have two planters one underneath the other, both connected. Hang them from the ceiling, deck or wherever else you want.{found on skinnylaminx}.

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DIY Macrame Plant Hangers To Craft In Your Spare Time

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